About Us

Tastes of States is a regional food experience/  festival company with a motto to bring before you the regional delicacies of different states in the comfort of your home and office. We are the one-stop shop for all regional food cravings (TASTES).

To achieve the above goal, We provide our  Online Platform & Support Services to Home Cooks & small specialty food providers to display & Market their regional / cultural Food Specialties all over India / World.

A team of enthusiastic, hard core foodies, we are on a mission to discover the culinary diversity of various states of our country and get them to your doorsteps, one festival at a time. Share your happiness with you loved and near ones at home and office  because, like you, even we believe in #KhaoAurKhilao.

Devour dishes with special Tastes from Kerala to Punjab to Kolkata to Gujarat, all while chowing down the dishes at your food table.

Potlucks, House Parties, Family Gatherings or one's usual cravings for regional food is NOW a three word KEY :  

Tastes of States